Montagereihe: Buried Country – The Story Of Aboriginal Country Music

Reihe mit Andreas Vogel und Michael Piltz | Salon

Ausgehend vom gleichnamigen Buch Clinton Walker untersuchen wir die Gründe dafür, fragen wer die Musikerinnen und Musiker waren und erzählen ihre Geschichte – Hörbeispiele, TV-Ausschnitte, etc..

„(…) shines a light on a spellbinding, often unsettling, niche of music which is perhaps understandably unknown to listeners outside of Australia, yet should be instantly familiar to anyone with even a basic appreciation of blues and country songcraft. From the mesmerising lilt and buzz of Black Allen Barker’s ‘Take Me Back’ to the heartbreakingly humble delivery of Jimmy Little’s ‘The Coloured Lad’ and the distinctively NSW-twang and bluesy rasp of Maisie Kelly’s ‘My Home In The Valley’, this is an incredible set of songs that will resonate with listeners far beyond their original home.“ (

Der Trailer zu Buried Country live in Concert:


Michael Piltz
Andreas Vogel