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The HABITAT offers solutions to overcome the human-centered planning and building process. It invites you to experience the coexistence of plants, animals and people in relation to our built environment. It asks fundamental questions: how can we consider long-term changes in buildings and open spaces during construction? How do we need to adapt planning practices to accommodate plant and animal habitats? And what is the influence of local conditions and different time horizons? Is 10 years a long time for you? How do you envision the next 50 years? And how do you deal with the fact that the outdoor spaces at the Wagenhallen are likely to change fundamentally in the next two years?

The HABITAT wants to be a place where you feel welcome to ask yourself all these questions. The installation is designed to ideally allow you to fully concentrate on your thoughts about the future during your visit. It is a performative space of exploration.

The HABITAT gives your thoughts, both doubtful and optimistic ideas, a space to explore human needs and ecological balance. It provides a space to think about sustainable solutions for the design of our environment and to redefine the importance of a holistic approach to urban planning and architecture.

Visit the HABITAT and take your time to trace the development process of the installation and the Wagenhallen from the perspective of plants and animals. The opening event on 10/26/2023 will introduce you to the project. Instead of a “first performance,” we invite you to participate in our baubotanical experiment from the beginning. We offer you an optimistic, yet thoughtful perspective on the future of our coexistence in this city that can serve as a model for other cities.

In the coming seasons, you will have repeated opportunities to participate in this development process. We look forward to your active participation and your contributions to a more livable environment.

Performance Talk Wagenhallen Stuttgart

CREDITS: Bureau Baubotanik

The Habitat sadly isn't barrier-free

The HABITAT is a transdisciplinary, performative research project, funded by the Kulturamt der Stadt Stuttgart, the Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden-Württemberg e.V., the IBA2027 (Internationale Bauausstellung 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart GmbH) in cooperation with the Theater Rampe and the Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V.

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Kunstverein Wagenhalle | Innerer Nordbahnhof 1 | 70191 Stuttgart
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