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Heinrich Heine never sounded so funky, Bertolt Brecht so pop, Erich Weinert so up-to-date! IG POP is the name of David Julian Kirchner’s new album and, at the same time, the name of his brilliant live band, consisting of 2 girls and 2 boys: a solidary alliance representing all solo self-employed and creative cultural workers, or the longing: Out of forced individualization! They dare to put the class struggle at the center of a pop performance.

IG POP is half pop union, half pop band. And they call for dance, of course, but also for protest – and everything in the field of conflict between labour and pop. In the album are new interpretations of well-known workers’ songs, from the “United Front Song” to the “Internationale.” In addition, there are titles by Kirchner himself, from the IG POP trade union anthem to the flower power rock of “Wir gehen in die Sonne” and the administrative hit “Papierkramland” with guest worker music legend Ozan Ata Canani. Following in the footsteps of Devo, Billy Bragg, Franz-Josef Degenhardt, Die Sterne, and Heaven17, David Julian Kirchner creates a coherent overall concept that also works as a rousing pop act without a conceptual superstructure.

“Vivid, deep and rebellious” (Deutschlandfunk Kultur)


VOCALS/ GITARRE:  David J. Kirchner:

BASS/ VOCALS: Lonteshia Jayne Stripf

DRUMSS/ VOCALS: Enya Specht,

SYNTHS/ VOCALS: Thilo Eichhorn

PICTURE CREDIT: David J. Kirchner

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