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Nici Halschke – The Breuninger Diaries

The Show (Pt. II) – Between disgust and ecstasy
Finally, the Montage Group has managed to engage the Stuttgart author for one of her rare readings.
She describes her event: “The venerable Stuttgart department store and I have an ambivalent relationship. Is it because of me? Is it because of him?” An attempt at analysis. Peppered with anecdotes and sentiments, disguised as a snappy powerpoint presentation. NOT a promotional event!” and gives the common-sense action statement, “Check the vibe! Feel the feelings!”

Nici Halschke has been reading for many years from her series “Letters to Celebrities” (which was also staged as a play) or “Me vs. Celebrities – Battle of the Feelings,” among others, alone and/or with colleagues, in Stuttgart at the Hi-Club, the RAMPE or the UHU-Bar. Her short stories and letters have been published in Freitag and many other media. She knows her way around celebrities very well.

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Nici Halschke – The Breuninger Diaries

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