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Tomorrow Talk

There is a heated debate in the political arena: Some categorically reject tax increases and others demand the opposite.

Those who strictly reject tax increases argue that they are a burden on ordinary citizens, drive taxpayers abroad, and may even inhibit economic growth. But there is another side that calls for the opposite: higher taxes as a means of redistribution!

A tax on the rich and an increased inheritance tax are seen as fair measures because they help the weakest. After all, economic growth alone would not necessarily lead to more justice. But who should actually decide what is perceived as fair and what our taxes are used for? Should the value-added tax on menstrual products be eliminated entirely? Should a wealth tax be introduced? And how about a participatory tax system where you can specify what your taxes should be used for? We want to have a conversation with you and everyone present about all of this and more! Discover a new format of political discussion where we will not only discuss, but also look for solutions.


Concept: Team Tomorrow e.V.

Meeting point at Marienplatz
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Tomorrow Talk

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