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Alles was schön ist

In ” alles was schön ist” we negotiate with relish the question of how we can social coexistence from the beautiful experience,
without turning away from the crises and violence of the present. We ask ourselves what art would look like if the beautiful experience were at the
experience is at the center and thus try our hand at a practice of coping with the present.
The stage is filled with differently colored fog facades that clash monumentally. A bass guitar and a tuba engage in an intense dialog about deep and physical
sounds, long wigs that make the bodies disappear, wind sensually across the floor, mud is produced and becomes a somatic expansion, to excess. Voices pour out into sounds that take on space and time
to develop into previously unheard sounds. Poses are held, make-up In the field of tension between the pleasurable fulfillment of one’s own performative wishes, reference to current and complex world events and responding to the needs of those present, a tensile test takes place. Can a revue of the experience survive if it simultaneously tries to do justice to everyone and everything?
What happens when the beautiful moment is allowed to happen, when reason ratio takes a step back? What does this mean in the production of art, which often designed to teach and enlighten?

“alles was schön ist” is the third and concluding part of the
apokalyptische tänzerin*nen with the triangular relationship between audience,
performers and the stage. The evening combines the questions and insights from
from the first (Phases of Emotion) and second (The Most Consumable Show on
Earth) and searches for a narrative for this decade of crises.


Performance Theater

A project by die apokalyptischen tänzerin*nen

ARTISTIC DIRECTION & PERFORMANCE: Mona Louisa-Melinka Hempel, Jasmin Schädler & calendal
SET & PERFORMANCE:  Sophia Sadzakov
MUSIC: Sara Glojnarić

10 years and older