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Question Project

The Question Project does not provide answers. It discovers doubts, problems, hypotheses, possibilities, and curious ideas.

MIL M2 (One Thousand Square Meters) has been constantly developing its temporary installation series QUESTION PROJECT / PROYECTO PREGUNTA for years. Conversations with inhabitants of the city create a collective catalogue of questions; the questions are displayed in large letters on a mobile scaffold in public places in the urban area and thus integrated into city life. The urban space becomes a space of action, a disruptive image, and a platform for exchange. After stops at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, the Homo Novus Theater Festival in Riga, and the Bienal de Danca in Sao Paulo, the group comes to Stuttgart to collect questions about the unequal distribution of economic resources at various places in the city together with the neighborhood ensemble VOLKS*THEATER RAMPE. Does the old promise of the Federal Republic, prosperity for all, still apply? Who has no money and why? Who has a lot of it, and since when? From Wilhelmsplatz in Bad Cannstatt to Königsstraße and Marienplatz, the artists invite random by-passers to ask questions. About the unequal distribution of wealth, visibility, security and much more. The most dicey questions will be presented at the opening of the season on October 13, both at RAMPE and at selected locations in the city.

Public space projekt

Participants MIL M2: Pedro Sepúlveda Cruz Coke, Constanza Carvajal Ferrer, Maria Jose Jaña Zuñiga

VOLKS*THEATER RAMPE is a neighborhood ensemble from Stuttgart-Süd, which has been dealing with topics from the neighborhood since 2019. V*T believes in polyphonic storytelling and collective imagination in public space.

PARTICIPANTS VOLKS*THEATER RAMPE: Magda Agudelo, Christian Carlier, Gerda Eisele, Rosa Elidjani, Efthimios Gongos, Britta Wente, Chantal Ruiz. Coordination and dramaturgy: Paula Kohlmann.


A collaboration between MilM2 and the VOLKS*THEATER RAMPE. Made possible by Innovationsfonds Kunst des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg, Goethe-Institut and LBBW-Stiftung. With the kind support of the Winery of the State Capital Stuttgart.

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Question Project

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