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Steve Marriott – A Face We’ll Never Forget

Musikfan Jürgen Jankowitsch bringt uns den Musiker und Menschen Steve Marriott näher und erzählt dessen Geschichte. Nachholtermin vom 22.01.24.

„It’s one of music’s monumental inequities. Despite being posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the Faces/Small Faces package deal, Steve Marriott never achieved the degree of lasting success that many of his peers and many lesser talents enjoyed. Arguably, no one was better at what he did. He was a brilliantly gifted singer-guitarist-songwriter and the centerpiece of two classic bands, Small Faces, from 1965-69, and then Humble Pie into the mid-’70s. (…) Yet, Marriott’s twisted fate resulted in him influencing a slew of others whose careers far eclipsed his own. There are as many reasons for this as there are notes in those glorious, sky-high melismatic vocal riffs he delivered onstage and on record. Drugs. Booze. Poor choices. Bad behavior. Lack of ambition. Short fuse. Add your own. Yet, many an artist with vices equal to and worse than Marriott’s have flourished despite their bad habits. He was unquestionably at least partly responsible for his lot in life. However, misfortune, in the form of unscrupulous managers, rip-off artists, poor promotion, bad reviews, record company bullying, and accidents must also be factored into the story. The fact is, Lady Luck has a lot of say in such matters, and she can be one fickle bitch.“ Jim George,

„A grim moratorium on British rock and toxic male behaviour“ Garth Cartwight

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Steve Marriott – A Face We’ll Never Forget

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