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Terry Hall: Your Love Was Smashing

Jürgen Dobelmann (Soul Boy Collective) bringt uns den Musiker und Menschen Terry Hall näher und erzählt dessen Geschichte.

„After fronting the Specials, Terry Hall went on to lead Fun Boy Three and the Colourfield; he co-wrote Our Lips Are Sealed with Jane Wiedlin, which became a huge hit for both her group, the Go-Gos, and Fun Boy Three. He also joined forces with Ian Broudie to write songs for the Lightning Seeds’ album, Sense. Home, the first album credited to Hall alone, was released in 1994 to critical success and commercial failure. I was a teenager working at a different national newspaper, where I pushed hard to profile him. For the music, and its audible influence on everyone from Blur to No Doubt. But also the groundbreaking work his bands had had in the anti-racism movement at the height of the National Front, and the childhood abuse he’d written a devastatingly matter-of-fact song about Well Fancy That! with Fun Boy Three. (…) Terry Hall’s catalogue is a series of immaculate burning bridges, reflecting the listeners fear and longing, appearing different at sunrise than sunset. “Come here,” I’d say to the stone-faced man from the Midlands, as I kissed to them.“ (Emma Forrest, The Guardian)

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Terry Hall: Your Love Was Smashing

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